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Virtual Personalities

Breathing life into 3D characters… 

Hyper-realistic 3d character of a steampunk style black or african american girl made using blender and rendered with cycles.


Enroll into the realistc 3D Character Creation Course and start creating Realistic 3D Characters using Blender like never before.

This is not just a treasure chest of professional techniques; it is also a ticket to our kickass private community. You get personalized tips, and industry secrets, all in one place.

We also develop ideas, troubleshoot issues, and  colaborate on projects.

Let’s not just make art; let’s make art that blows people’s minds. Ready to join the fun? Enroll now and let’s start creating something epic!

What People Say

Pixelhair ready-made long dreads bun 3d hairstyle in blender using blender hair particle system

Ready made 3D Hair...


Having difficulties making 3D hair from scratch???

Check out Pixel Hair and instantly boost your character’s look. PixelHair are  ready-made 3D Hair for Blender.

Imagine having an entire collection of jaw-dropping hairstyles right at your fingertips

No more struggling with the blender particle system. Just pick a style, slap it on, and boom! – your character is ready to go. With PixelHair you take your characters from average to astonishing.

So, why wait? Explore the Hair collection and transform your Blender characters with PixelHair!



Time-Saving Solution

PixelHair offers saves valuable time for 3D character artists  that would otherwise be spent on grooming and creating hair from scratch.


High Quality

The hair assets in PixelHair are of high quality, crafted with attention to detail and realism, ensuring that your 3D characters look their best.



PixelHair is a cost-effective solution for 3D artists. It eliminates the need to spend extensive hours creating hair or hiring an artist to do so. Reducing both time and financial expenses.



These hair assets are versatile and can be applied to a wide range of 3D characters, allowing for creative freedom and a variety of character designs.



PixelHair is designed for Blender. It can be easily applied to any workflow workflow. Making it convenient for all Blender users.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Your Questions Answered: Everything You Need to Know About PixelHair and the 3D Character Creation Course

Our 3D Character Creation Course takes you from the basics to advanced techniques in realistic 3D character creation. It also covers the 4 major huddles in creating complex hairstyles. (4c hair, braids, styling hair using curves and dreads).

Yes the course is suitable for beginners. However as a beginner, you would be expected to know the basic blender UI and it's functionalities. In the course, we start from the ground up, making it perfect for beginners and experienced artists alike.


The course makes use of Blender, Zbrush, Substance painter, Photoshop and Zwrap. Only Blender is required. the other softwares can be replaced with similar softwares that you are comfortable with. 


Absolutely. You'll have lifetime access to the course material, including any future updates.

PixelHair is a collection of high-quality, customizable hairstyles pre-designed for 3D characters. With PixelHair, you save the time taken to create a hairstyle from scratch. 

Installation is very easy and fast. Simply download the PixelHair package and append it into your blender scene/file. position it on your character's head and set the shrink-wrap modifier target to your character. click Here for a tutorial.

Once you enroll, you would receive access to our private community. In there, you would have full time support from I and the community.

The course consists of over 42 hours of video content, broken down into easy-to-digest segments. You don't have to complete every section. you can learn what you want and at your own pace.

Subscribe to the mailing list to be notified when there is a discount or Keep an eye on our social media channels for any special offers or promo codes.


We accept all major credit cards, PayPal, google pay and crypto through Binance.

Absolutely! There are licenses to use PixelHair for both personal and commercial projects. 

Each hairstyle comes with the default blender settings that allow for easy customization. Tweak the color, length, and change the hair material to fit your character perfectly. 

PixelHair is made for Blender but can be exported to Unreal. It works the same way as the default blender hair particle system.

Generally, if your computer can run Blender smoothly, PixelHair should work just fine. 

Yes you can, Reach out to us via email (email at the bottom of website) and we would help you set it up.